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A Healthier You Wellness Center is now offering Primary Care for the un-insured or underinsured.


Medical care can be expensive. When you don’t have insurance, high out-of-pocket costs can make it easy to put off getting the care you may need. But this can turn a minor illness or injury into a visit to an emergency room or urgent care facility if not addressed in a timely manner. Both options can be costly.


With our comprehensive primary-care service, we are dedicated to patient-centered medicine for every stage of life. Our goal is to establish a trusting relationship with you to assist in managing your healthcare holistically.

For patients that require more complex care due to chronic conditions, having a primary care physician helps to reduce the risk of fragmented care and poor clinical outcomes. Instead of seeing a M.D. for minutes, our initial comprehensive primary-care service can take up to one hour. More time for listening, for caring and for being thorough.

Whether you are un-insured, or under-insured, or if you are insured and prefer to not have to wait weeks or months to see a primary care doctor; A Healthier You Wellness Center has the solution for you.

In office visits:
1. First initial visit - $150.00

Telemedicine visits are also available:
1. First initial tele-medicine visit - $150.00

In Office Comprehensive Men & Womens

Blood draw & Lab testing.
Only $225.00

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