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The American Academy of Pediatrics is dedicated to optimizing the well-being of children and advancing family-centered health care. Related to this mission, the American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes the increasing use of complementary and integrative therapies such as Chinese medicine for children.

Why HOLISTIC Pediatric Treatments?
Parents are often looking for safe and effective ways to help their children be well and thrive.

Chinese Medicine provides great support for anyone who is experiencing an acute or chronic ailment. Chinese Medicine activates the body’s innate healing potential. Starting this process at a young age has countless benefits for your child.

You can bring your child for treatment at the fist signs of a cold or illness, and when it lingers on preventing full recovery. The treatments help you heal your body naturally without depleting the body and without unwanted side effects.

When should I come for a HOLISTIC Pediatric treatment?

You don’t have to be sick to benefit from this amazing medicine.  Receiving regular  treatments enhances your immune system so you can keep feeling well.

Some common pediatric conditions treated include:

Anxiety & depression
Behavioral issues
Coughs & colds
Digestive issues
Ear infections
Eczema and other skin problems
Tummy aches

Vaccination Injuries

ADD, ADHD, Autism or Spectrum

& Much more...

A typical session:
All sessions begin with a conversation with the parent and the child to track the healing process. We celebrate any healing progress and note areas for further improvement.  I also give the parents suggestions for things they can do at home to support the healing process of the child.

Pediatric treatments are gentle and brief.

I follow the comfort level of the child and use needle and/or NON-needle techniques to help the body heal itself naturally without any side effects.

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