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NAD+ = DNA Repair

What Are the Benefits of NAD+ IV Infusion Therapy?

When you invest in NAD+ IV Infusion Therapy, you will feel a variety of benefits. These include:

  • Boost General Wellness: NAD+ is a molecule that occurs naturally in every cell in your body. Maintaining adequate levels of NAD+ will contribute to your general wellness. This includes thicker nails, clearer skin, stronger hair, less brain fog, and more energy. This will help you feel younger and enjoy a higher overall quality of life.

  • Improve DNA Repair: As you get older, you produce fewer NAD+. In addition, the quality of your DNA repair declines as well. By increasing NAD+, you can increase the accuracy of your DNA repair processes. If your DNA is damaged, this might lead to cancer, which is why you need to take care of your DNA repair processes. NAD+ infusions can help you do that.

  • Protect Your Brain Cells: NAD+ provides you with a neuroprotective effect. This critical molecule can protect your nerves against demyelination. Your nerves are covered in a myelin sheath which helps to increase the rate of signal transmission while protecting your nerves against damage. When you receive NAD+ infusions, you protect the myelin of your nerves. This will lead to better concentration, improved memory, and a more stable mood.


NAD+ Has been used for:

Slowing the aging process

Athletic performance

Anxiety, depression and PTSD

Drug and alcohol addiction

Cravings for drugs and alcohol after detox (PAWS)

Early Parkinson’s disease

Early Alzheimer’s disease

Early dementia

Multiple sclerosis

Other neurodegenerative disorders

“Chemo Brain”

Low energy levels

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Sleep disturbances

Chronic pain syndromes

Migraine headaches

Autoimmune diseases

Autoinflammatory diseases

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)


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