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What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation Therapy is a gentle method of removing toxic heavy metals from the blood. It has been used for decades to help patients with a wide range of vascular conditions from heart disease, to stroke, to peripheral vascular disease.

What Toxins are Removed During Chelation?

Chelation Therapy is also used for reducing heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, cadmium and others that are stored in your body over decades, while aluminum and mercury are known to be toxic to the brain.

How Many Chelation Therapy Infusions are Recommended?

We recommended starting with a Heavy metal test to access your baseline. After 10 treatments, we recommend re-testing.  We offer blood draws and lab testing in our office. We are happy to provide you with a quote for this.

Is Chelation Therapy FDA approved?

EDTA, the amino acid that is the primary ingredient in Chelation Therapy is FDA approved for lead detoxification. When it is used as part of a treatment for the variety of conditions described above, it is considered to be an “off label” use. Such practices are very common throughout medicine and physicians have the freedom to safely help their clients through the use of their experience with and knowledge of the substance.

Chelation Therapy for cancer support

Heavy metals are considered to be a contributing factor to the high rates of cancer in the America. Many clients choose to reduce their heavy metals to reduce their risk of cancer. Clients with active cancer, or a prior history of cancer have used Chelation Therapy as part of their treatment strategy.

Is Chelation Therapy safe?

Since the 1950’s Chelation Therapy has been given to over 300,000 clients and over 3 million treatments. There have been no fatalities and few serious complications as a result of this treatment when administered by physicians using the standard protocol of the Academy College of Advanced Medicine. Clients must first schedule a telemedicine or inhouse visit with our MD or NP (including a review of blood work) to make sure that Chelation Therapy is appropriate.


All clients who receive Chelation Therapy are monitored for kidney function through blood work and urine testing.



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