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How Chinese Medicine works for Pain

The mechanisms underlying Chinese Medicine works, is so effective for treating pain, and have been researched extensively for over 60 years.


While there is still much left to learn about Chinese medicine mechanisms and the human body in general, the neural pathways from acupuncture point stimulation, to the spinal cord to the deactivation of the pain centers in the brain have been mapped.

Chinese medicine (with it's treatment modalities such as Acupuncture, and it's herbal formulations, and other modalities) has been demonstrated to activate a number of the body’s own opioids as well as improving the brain’s sensitivity to opioids.  A number of other biochemicals involved in pain reduction have been found to be released or regulated by acupuncture stimulation, including ATP and adenosine, GABA and substance P.

In the context of ineffective and often dangerous pharmaceutical options for pain, Chinese Medicine represents a safe and effective alternative for pain control, with a long track-record of successful use.

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