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Personalized Cancer Testing & Therapies

Advanced Cancer Diagnostics for All Stages & Types of Cancer

A Healthier you wellness center understands that each Cancer Patient Is Unique.

Cancer cells are constantly evolving. There are variations in how these cells develop and manifest in the body, even among patients with the same type and stage of cancer.


Personalized medicine is essential to the treatment of cancer due to the complexity of the disease and the diversity of patients.

Cutting-edge technologies have enabled doctors around the world to actually identify, count and analyze cancer cells in the blood stream of patients with cancer. It is a well-documented fact that micro-metastases or groups of cancer cells too small to be detected by any known conventional detection methods (CT scan, PET scan, or even tumor markers) can be present very early in the process of tumor formation. These cancers can be as small as one millimeter or less.

Cancer cells circulating through the blood stream are known as circulating tumor cells or CSC’s, and cancer stem cells, considered the most dangerous as they have developed the ability to hide from the immune system, are more resistant to chemotherapy and are able to spread and start new colonies known as metastases.


We are able to provide a vast array of critically important information about the tumor cells including number or concentration of cancer cells present and sensitivity to a wide variety of chemotherapies and the newer biologics (antibody and peptide therapies).


Using microchip arrays, we are also able to provide a complete genetic breakdown of the cancer cell, demonstrating genetic and receptor-based vulnerabilities and resistance factors that treating oncologists can take advantage of through targeted therapies.  

Another groundbreaking technology is the ability to test the patient’s tumor cells for sensitivity to over 50 natural substances with known, well documented and published anti-cancer activity.

These natural substances, including the better-known substances such as curcumin, resveratrol, vitamin C, and green tea are generally used by most cancer patients, but without any knowledge of whether they may actually be having any effect.


This ability to test a patient’s own cancer cells susceptibility to both chemotherapies and natural substances is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the past 30 years.


Our Integrative physicians can then utilize the results of these tests to design the most effective holistic cancer support program to complement the conventional therapeutic program provided by the treating oncologists.

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