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Cancer Testing

cancer testing with Metastat

Meta-S is an advanced test to accurately predict whether a secondary cancerous tumor is likely to develop and its potential location in your body. It can be a valuable tool for your specialist to personalize your cancer treatment.

For instance, it can accurately predict if secondary cancer may develop in the lungs, brain, liver, or bones.

How Metastat Works

Meta-S is suitable for all patients who have received a confirmed cancer diagnosis. Information from this test guides your specialist in selecting the best chemotherapeutic treatment for your body. 

The test studies the circulating tumor cells (CTC) of the primary tumor in your body. If your cancer has the probability of metastasizing, it tends to express specific genes and proteins according to the organ that is likely to metastasize. 

The Meta-S test uses a cancer patient’s blood samples as input for analysis. It detects the level of specific marker genes and the level of proteins produced by these genes. These genetic markers coming from the cancerous tumor signal the ability for cancer recurrence. 

The results are then compared with the patient’s baseline data or control sample.

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