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Onco-Plus is our most comprehensive treatment testing tool that provides information to help build cancer treatment protocols for patients. 

The Onco-Plus panel provides information about the following details.

  • Circulating tumor cell (CTC) count 

  • Genetic and physiological expressions of your cancer cells 

  • Effectiveness of 50+ chemotherapeutic agents on your cancer cells

  • Effectiveness of 50+ natural substances on your cancer cells

Using the Onco-Plus Panel for Best Results


The Onco-Plus panel is an incredibly empowering tool that patients and practitioners can use to find out exactly what types of treatments can help each individual patient. 

We begin by establishing a baseline of our patients readings with the Onco-T test. The patient’s care team has this information as a yardstick against which progress can be measured going forward.

Patients follow this up with our Onco-Plus panel to receive comprehensive information on the efficacy of various types of treatment protocols for their cancer.

This test provides data about each patient and the genetic behavior of the specific cancer in their body. It is our most comprehensive and detailed testing panel offering individualized patient profiles.

Although the test results are quite technical in nature, we can help you interpret these results and guide you on your treatment journey.


While some treatment options may not be part of conventional treatment models, your care team can guide you through the process of identifying suitable treatments based on our test panel recommendations.

How the Test Works

The Onco-Plus test returns information crucial for devising individualized treatment plans for each patient. 

Even with the same cancer type diagnosis, no two patients are the same.

Your individual biology and how the cancer cells behave in your body are unique to you. Personalizing treatment for individual patients can, therefore, offer a better chance for treatment to be effective.

Let’s look at the type of information returned as part of the Onco-Plus panel.

CTC Count

The Onco-Plus panel returns your CTC count, which measures the volume of the cancer cells in your bloodstream. Knowing the pattern of movement of your CTC count - whether it is increasing or decreasing - can guide treatment choices toward achieving better results.

Genetic and Physiological Expressions

Genetic expressions define how the information in a gene is turned into a function. For example, the genetic expressions of your cancer cells can reveal how quickly your cancer cells adapt to become resistant to treatment. 

Knowing this information can guide how your treatment protocols are set up. For instance, the treatment plan can ensure that your treatment protocols are rotated on a shorter timeline so that they can benefit you before the cells become resistant. 

The profile with genetic expressions is helpful in customizing treatment protocols for each individual patient. This is because each patient’s gene expressions are unique to them, like a fingerprint or blueprint specific to them. 

This data gives your RGCC practitioner information that helps them add treatment options based on these expressions, enhancing your cancer care.

Chemotherapeutic Agents

The Onco-Plus test also tests over 50 chemotherapeutic substances (and 60+ targeted drugs) on your cancer cells to see which ones are effective in killing these cells. 

Chemotherapeutic agents are known to be harsh on the body. Whether it effectively kills cancer or not, chemotherapy takes a toll on the human body. 

With conventional treatment models, a one-size-fits-all approach is used. This means that as a patient, you have limited information on what other treatment options are available (and may work) for your specific case. In this case, you cannot make an educated choice on the type of treatment that may be best for you. 

With the Onco-Plus panel, personalized information can finally be accessed by both patients and their healthcare providers. Knowing the specific chemotherapeutic agents that are better for your cancer places the power of choice back in your hands. And you are no longer going into your treatment journey blindly on a wing and a prayer.

Natural Substances

Many natural substances are known to have cancer-killing properties. But not all substances work equally for every patient. While some patients may benefit from turmeric or high doses of vitamin C, others may see no change in their cancer status.

The Onco-Plus panel takes the guesswork out of the picture and tests over 50 natural substances on your cancer cells. This information provides evidence on which substances will likely have the greatest chance of showing positive results for your body and cancer.

Additional Substances

We can also include five additional substances in the price of the Onco-Plus test. Each additional substance beyond the five is charged separately, but there is no upper limit to how many you can add. 

If a patient wants to test a substance that is not on our list, we can accept small samples of the said substance(s) in the lab along with the blood sample.

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